Work-Life Stress

2254711261Work can have negative consequences.

When you suffer from work-life stress, it doesn’t disappear when you clock out for the day. You don’t want to seem weak or like you can’t handle it – so you don’t say anything.

Burdensome workloads, lack of control, low salaries, expectations not well-defined, or long hours weigh you down long after you’ve gotten home.

You don’t mean to neglect family and friends, hobbies, or self-care, but sometimes it can feel like there isn’t enough time to do it all.

Stress at work is hard to leave at the office.

We spend a large portion of our time at work, so it comes as little surprise to many that a stressful work environment can begin to impact other areas of your life negatively.

High stress levels with no escape can lead to unhealthy patterns – affecting you mentally and physically. That stress can make you feel lonely, have difficulty sleeping, develop poor eating habits, feel moody, avoid social settings, or have difficulty responding to challenging situations. Underneath it all, there can be a feeling of hopelessness.

Unfortunately, you might seek ways to ease that stress, such as alcohol, overeating, etc. Those forms of relief can cause other problems – just as severe in the long run.

Your briefcase may feel like you’re carrying a ton of bricks – and it keeps getting heavier. Will the pressure crush you? And then, you get home – and the to-do list there grows longer. How can you possibly do all you ‘need’ to do?

137896046Therapy can deal with the stress – positively.

Our therapists are experts on work-life stress.

Your therapist will work with you to identify the stressors and develop a plan tailored to your needs, typically consisting of relaxation techniques, coping mechanisms, and communication skills. When stress arises, you will learn how to respond healthily to relieve tension and learn to relax.

With our therapists’ support, you’ll find peace in a newfound balance between your work and home life – allowing you to sleep well at night and be there for your family. Your performance and professional relationships will improve once you become recharged and the weight of burnout has lifted.

Don’t let work-related stress keep you from living a whole life. Let’s devise an approach so you can learn to relieve stress and be aware when work becomes burdensome.