Online Telehealth

1815867191Seeking in-person therapy is challenging for many.

Life is busy! Finding the time to drive to a therapist’s office can be difficult between work, juggling roles at home, and daily life.

Stay-at-home parents may find it challenging to get a moment of peace, let alone be able to leave the house. Professionals working 9-to-5 may struggle to take time off work to go in for a therapy session.

You might have extensive trauma or anxiety, and entering the therapy office is challenging.

Perhaps you prefer to schedule a session instead of grappling with thoughts about going to a new place, meeting an entirely new person, and being in a space you don’t recognize.

Telehealth can help overcome those challenges.

Telehealth therapy provides the affordability of therapy in the comfort of your own space.

You can sneak in a therapy session while the children nap. Instead of PTO, use your lunch break for sessions and feel refreshed for the rest of your workday.

Sometimes, therapy can raise complex topics or emotions. A telehealth session allows you to heal from where you’re most comfortable and in a safe, judgment-free space.

More importantly, telehealth is a proven and successful form of therapy that can meet your needs, like in-person therapy. We can adapt almost any intervention to the online world, including some of our most popular practices, such as EMDR and Mindfulness.

680379562The process is easy to navigate.

At Feeling Moody, all our clinicians offer telehealth options for your convenience. Sessions typically last between 53 and 60 minutes, so you can schedule an appointment anytime throughout the day without worrying about transportation time.

When we set the time, we will meet over a HIPPA-compliant site to assure confidentiality and privacy.

All you need is a device for an Internet connection and visual communication. Once we connect, you can receive therapy in your favorite chair with a pet nearby or in your comfiest clothes.

Don’t let life’s challenges keep you from the therapy you need. We are a call away! So, contact us today about our telehealth option.