Young Professionals

1477775183Achieving career success has its challenges.

Success in the professional world requires confidence, focus, and tact that can carry their stressors. Business schools don’t prepare their graduates to face the daily grind of meetings, decision-making under pressure, and handling emotional interactions with peers.

You may have experienced anxiety or overthinking in work settings, insecurity that affected your performance, or felt you hadn’t received the recognition you deserve.

When you’re not seeing the expected results, you may feel your motivation is dwindling and becoming replaced with frustration.

The chance for promotion or receiving more responsibility may not seem possible with your position in the company. Questions about why you chose this company and the place to begin your career may arise. Second-guessing your decision is not unusual but can lead to dissatisfaction with your job and performance.

1914539179It’s hard to climb the professional ladder and maintain balance.

Maintaining a professional image as a young adult while finding the balance between other aspects of your life is overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Our therapists have a knack for helping young professionals by using proven interventions to help reduce stress so they can be passionate about their goals again.

Mindfulness techniques help put you in the moment, giving you the control you crave. These techniques also can help you be fully present and aware of what’s happening in those meetings and other activities at work.

Our goal is to help develop a personalized treatment plan suited to your goals and provide opportunities for leadership coaching. You will find your goals within reach and be one step closer to the fulfilled life you deserve.

Don’t let the stress keep you from achieving your desired professional goals. We can help you find effective work methods while decreasing your stress.