Diversity and Inclusion

1046487892Individuals from diverse backgrounds face challenges.

Tired, frustrated, and defeated are feelings you carry as you face a world daily that doesn’t understand you and shows no compassion for your struggles.

You work hard and strive to overcome societal barriers; however, the world constantly reminds you that you are different, sending messages that you are undeserving, powerless, and destined to be secondary to others.

When you try to speak out, people call you angry or silence you altogether.

Regardless of how you feel, you champion forward, hoping to secure a different future for your family while feeling you are constantly hitting glass ceilings, biases, and discrimination.

Is therapy an option worth considering?

Living in a civilization where you can’t hide your skin tone and coming from a heritage of trauma, you consider seeking counseling services to heal from current and past wounds.

You are brave enough to try something new, but thoughts plague your mind with the same questions you ask daily.

Will my therapist get me? Can I be myself in session without offending someone? Will my therapist listen to me?

189294863We get it! Voice how you feel!

While we cannot walk in your shoes, we can walk beside you so you are not alone.

When you do therapy with us, please rest assured that you can relax and break from humanity’s pressure.

Feel free to be yourself and share your voice. We are here to listen. Our therapists are skilled at adopting counseling interventions to meet your unique needs and experiences. Leave sessions feeling empowered, valued, and seen.

Face the challenges head-on, describe how you feel, and learn to live without letting your differences keep you down. Let us support you as you explore how to meet those challenges.