About Feeling Moody

1023568351Our space welcomes all emotions.

Euphoric, down in the dumps, excited, hurt, furious, zealous, melancholy, unsure, frantic, anxious, and depressed are feelings often expressed at various times.

Life is filled with challenges, causing your emotions to go all over the place – up, down, and sideways.

Let’s face it. You are moody, but who isn’t? The truth is that we all have ever-changing moods throughout our lives. You’re just brave enough to admit it. We respect that!

At Feeling Moody, we have cultivated a fun and safe place for you to express all your emotions and be your authentic self. Our Vision consists of the following three main ideas.

Initiate Awareness

Client Awareness: When you become a client with us, our clinicians will guide you on a journey leading to your self-awareness using proven techniques and assessments. This approach is how we create the road map for your overall treatment.

As Dr. Dan Siegal says, “Name it to tame it.” Once clients become aware of the real problem, they can overcome it.

Community Awareness: At Feeling Moody, we believe in making our local community more aware of mental health and trauma.

To do this, we find ways to engage with our local community through training, events, community services, etc.


Inspire Healthy Living

At Feeling Moody, we believe your mental, physical, and spiritual health are connected.

Your habits in one of these areas affects all three components. We want you to be your best self. Our clinicians aim to have you meet your life goals in all three areas.

Invent innovative and fun ways of doing it.

Therapy with us is anything but boring. While we believe in evidence-based models, we look for new and fresh ways to implement these practices.

This approach makes therapy less daunting and more enjoyable and increases commitment to the therapeutic process.

Clients are often excited to come to the session. While you can expect to have sessions where you tackle complex topics, you can expect to leave the session feeling better than you came.

Here’s Our Mission

We want to promote a healthy, informed community where people can heal from their traumas, be authentic, and thrive in transitions.

We want to heal our community and the world one person at a time. We believe if we focus our efforts on helping individuals overcome their trauma, we will ultimately change and alter the state of our society, creating a happier, healthier world for generations.

Come to therapy feeling relief, knowing you can be yourself and bring all your emotions to a safe, nonjudgmental space with new and exciting techniques.