Mommy Burnout

575794216Being a new mom is not all fun and games.

As a new mom, you are ecstatic about this new little person in your life, but you struggle with changing moods.

Meeting all the new demands makes you severely sleep-deprived. For the first time in your life, you question your ability to be good enough.

Your brain seems cloudy, and it’s hard for you to remember things. You don’t feel comfortable in your body, which no longer feels like yours. You have changed.

While you are joyful about your new role, you are anxious about how to do it while also processing what your body experienced during birth.

Keeping things together is not easy for any mom.

Even after all these years of being a mom, you still haven’t found the balance between your kids, life, and responsibilities. Mental fatigue and physical exhaustion often overcome you.

Whether you manage your home or labor on a job, you can never find the balance between raising productive human beings and being productive yourself. It seems like the demands in life increase, but your resources decrease.

You are proud to be a mom but don’t know how good you are at it. There are so many doubts. “Am I being loving enough? Am I doing the right forms of discipline? Are my kids where they’re supposed to be? Am I fostering good interpersonal skills for them to become successful?”

No matter how you try to schedule things, there is never enough time in the day to get it all done.

2127443699Let’s help make being a mom less stressful.

In today’s society, we know that prenatal, postpartum, or raising kids makes it difficult to be a mom. At Feeling Moody, we offer services specialized to the joys and hardships of motherhood.

Our clinicians have specialized skills to help you re-process the trauma of your birthing experience, deal with the highs and lows of postpartum, build confidence as you relearn your body, and develop skills and strategies to help you become the parent you always dreamed of.

We will also help you with self-exploration to help you find the self you may have lost caring for others, and you will learn how to balance being a parent with boundaries and still completing self-goals.

You are a superwoman to your children and the rest of the world. Let us empower you to feel superhuman.